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Marketing on Amazon

About the brand

Wedge Guys is a leading brand on Amazon when it comes to golf equipment. They came into the market without any fancy packaging and design as their number one priority is to make golf more affordable without sacrificing quality. And that’s exactly what they did. They’ve earned “Amazon’s Choice” and “Best Seller” badges with their initial launch and had little to no optimizations since then.

The Problem

As more and more competitors came into the market their sales began to decline slowly. With unoptimized and improperly structured campaigns, the company was seeing both year-over-year advertising cost of sale (ACOS) increases and stagnant total sales growth. Using only a few campaigns for each ASIN was not enough for the company to catch up with the increasing competition.

The Solution

After coming on board with Olifant, the marketing team analyzed the existing data in detail for all products and launched new ad campaigns using the search term reports data, and quickly found new best-performing keywords that we're able to increase the sales profitably.

The marketing team created portfolios for all products in order to put a proper structure in place. The next step was to separate the campaigns in which the team is testing new keywords/product targeting ads and campaigns in which the team is scaling the converting combinations.

The conversion rate for all products was decent but Olifant optimized all product images and A+ content in order to increase the conversion rate further and convert more visitors into customers.

In the meantime, the SEO team at Olifant optimized all products to boost organic traffic.

Olifant's solution

  • Amazon PPC Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Account Management
  • Listing Optimization

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