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About the brand

WedgeGuys are one of the leaders in the golf category on Amazon. They were looking for a long-term partner to help them increase profitability, launch new products and expand into more categories. The golf market is extremely competitive, but we had one ace in the sleeve - their products are developed by PGA professionals - the outstanding quality and better prices than the biggest name-brands allowed us to capture both amateur and passionate golfers and turn them into loyal customers.

The Problem

WedgeGuys were struggling to scale their ad campaigns profitably, and they were losing their organic placements on their biggest keywords as the competitors were bullying their listings - lower prices, better images and better descriptions. We immediately saw the potential and developed a comprehensive plan that we began executing immediately.

The Solution

Our initial approach was pretty simple - analyse the current setup, find out why is it underperforming and turn it around. The first move was to re-structure the campaigns, clean up the non-relevant but highly competitive keywords, and launch new laser-targeted longer keywords. The improvement in the performance came immediately. By the third week of our partnership, we began scaling and found multiple new opportunities to expand the categories.

Once the PPC performance was steady and predictable, our next goal was to redesign the hero images for the best performing products allowing us to achieve significantly better CTR and more organic sales.

We also redesigned the A+ content and Listing Images to prepare for the golf season. With the constant SEO and PPC efforts, we found multiple rank opportunities to tap into. We were able to rank top 5 for multiple new keywords and achieve “Amazon’s Choice” on the leading keywords in the niche during peak season. The crown jewel came shortly after - “Best Seller” in the main category, which allowed us to increase sales and profits even further.

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Brian Dalton, CEO & Founder

Brian Dalton, CEO & Founder

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