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About the brand

Haka Life Nutrition isn’t your typical nutrition company. Their supplements are the product of years of hard work and research, but unlike their competitors, HakaLife won't sell you the same products with different packaging. The GLX3 Green Lipped Mussel capsules are offering an alternative to the typical & disgusting fish oils.

The Problem

When we came in contact with HakaLife we were tasked with auditing the business, and finding the reason behind sales slowing down & being unable to scale profitably. Even though their main product's ingredients were completely different, it had the same effects compared to the direct mass-market competitors. And this is where they had failed - their potential buyers were completely unaware how better HakaLife's products were.

The Solution

After we saw what we're up against, we came up with an action plan and started with the improvements that would allow us to scale their business. We found major flaws in their keywords optimisation - they had missed the biggest keywords in their niche, and because of the improper SEO optimization, their PPC account was a mess too. After getting everything up to speed and overhauling the listings completely, we were able to increase the revenue by 36% in the first 60 days our partnership. Their ACOS dropped by 11% while we are scaling the overall sales.

Advertising in the supplement niche is always difficult, this is why every dollar needs to be spent in the most efficient way.

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  • Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Account Management
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Andrew Casey — CEO at HakaLife

"I keep watching our sales go up every day! We can't wait to break our record month! Our sales are improving at a higher ROI. Keep it up!"

Andrew Casey — CEO at HakaLife

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Balanced Tiger

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