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Growing a brand successfully needs a full-funnel customer acquisition strategy and long-term thinking. You don’t need a new marketing agency. You need a partner that knows how to run experiments, drive results and repeat the process.

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OlifantFull Time HirePPC AgencyCoaching Program
Time To Launch48 Hours4-6 Weeks2-4 Weeks4-6 Weeks
Customized Hybrid SolutioncheckMarkcheckMark
1:1, 24/7 SupportcheckMark
Growth InfrastructurecheckMarkcheckMark
Failure RateVery LowMediumHighVery High
360° Business IntegrationcheckMarkcheckMark
Money Back GuaranteecheckMark

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Coat Defense (DTC)
Coat Defense (DTC)

Increase in DTC Revenue

Lyfefuel (DTC)
Lyfefuel (DTC)

Increase in DTC Revenue


Increase in DTC Revenue

Beauty by Earth
Beauty by Earth

Return on Investment

Archies Footwear
Archies Footwear

Increase in DTC Revenue


Increase in DTC Revenue

Growing DTC Brand Is Not Easy

This is why we built an end-to-end customer acqusition process, to deliver results.

“How long does the marketing plan take?”

Several days. Our team will dive deeper into your brand and show you the missed opportunities.

“What do you need from me?”

Any and all data you’re willing to share. This helps us give you stronger recommendations backed by data and facts.

“Does the marketing plan cost anything?”

Nothing at all. The marketing plan is free.


Phase 1

DTC Brand Audit

The first step is to do a comprehensive audit so we can find all of the missed opportunities and create a custom marketing plan. The first steps are:

  • Media buying audits - Google, Facebook, TikTok.

  • Email & SMS marketing audit.

  • Conversion rate audit.

  • Competitor reserch and product offers analysis.


Phase 2

Marketing Plan

Based on our learnings from the previous step, we will create a custom marketing plan for your brand based on your goals. To do so, we work on:

  • Customer acquisition strategy.

  • Email & SMS optimization plan.

  • Conversion rate optimization plan.

  • Full-funnel customer acquisition strategy with a clear timeline on deliverables and tasks.


Phase 3

Customer Acquisition Management

It's time for you to work on your business, we'll take care of the rest. It's how we proceed:

  • Fulfillment of your customized marketing plan.

  • Professional DTC marketing team to grow your brand - account manager, copywriter, senior PPC specialist, ad creative specialist, analytics expert.

  • High-impact and profit-oriented campaigns as our number one priority.

  • Transparent list of deliverables from our team.

  • Direct communication through Slack with our marketing team.

Communication that’s done your way

Reporting Dashboards

See all your KPIs for all of the acquisition channels at a glance.

Email Updates

Email us anytime and we will get back to you within 24 hours in working days to make sure you have everything you need.

Weekly Scheduled Calls

We'll set an ongoing schedule to keep you in the loop and get feedback on where things are going on a weekly basis.


We’ll create a Slack channel with you and your team so we can have faster and better communication.

Сlient stories


Plamen Stefanov CEO @ COCOSOLIS

"Olifant Digital is like an internal marketing team for us, not an outsourced company. They really do care about our brand & growth."

Plamen Stefanov — CEO at COCOSOLIS

Archies Footwear

Tom Jones Co-Founder @ Archies Footwear

“Olifant Digital isn’t your typical marketing agency. They actually understand how to generate qualified traffic and more importantly, how to convert that traffic into customers. If you are hungry to grow your company, work with them.”

Tom Jones, Co-Founder


Rakesh Tammabattula CEO & Founder @ QYKSONIC

"We partnered with Olifant Digital in order to grow our brand. Olifant Digital team has helped us to scale our business quickly and push for more volume. We look forward to seeing how we can continue to beat previous months and years with our sales online."

Rakesh Tammabattula, CEO & Founder


Chris Manderino CEO @ Lyfefuel


"Alex and his team have really gone above and beyond our expectations. They helped navigate some very challenging scenarios including getting our Facebook account reinstated, a full-funnel approach to marketing, and a results-oriented mindset. They've been very flexible to work with us to create a model that is mutually beneficial so that we are aligned in the success and growth of the business."

Chris Manderino, CEO at LyfeFuel

Coat Defense (DTC)

Vince Polentes CEO @ Coat Defense (DTC)

"Olifant was very organized. They created a meeting pace and deliverable schedule that works well for us. The account management is very responsive, and internal communications are excellent. We are very happy with speed of delivery and execution."

Vince Polentes — CEO at Coat Defense

Balanced Tiger

Adriano Bordoli CEO @ Balanced Tiger

"Very effective. Good communication and overall project management on their side to implement wide spread changes over a short period of time."

Adriano Bordoli — CEO at Balanced Tiger


Graham Fortgang @ Co-FounderMatchaBar @ MatchaBar

"We could not recommend Olifant more. They were quick, professional, and most importantly very honest and realistic about expectations. They did a great job in building our business! Alex really cares about his business and has built an amazing team. Best decision!"

Graham Fortgang @ Co-Founder at MatchaBar

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