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About the brand

Since its beginning in 2014, COCOSOLIS stood out as the brand of choice when it comes to natural sun tanning and skincare. The organic ingredients, guaranteed fast results and delicious scents are just a few of the reasons people love their products. The brand’s leading collection consists of summer-oriented cosmetics, such as tanning oils, after-sun, and SPF products. Their “off-season” and all-year product line takes care of the skin imperfections like cellulite, stretch marks, and dead skin.

The Problem

COCOSOLIS faces a lot of competition on Amazon. They tried to utilize advertising to beat the competition to top of search, but the ads they were running themselves were inefficient with very high ACOS. They were wasting spend and the ad account had a lot of missed opportunities. The brand wanted to scale on a profitable TACOS.

The Solution

After coming on board with Olifant, the Amazon marketing team quickly analyzed the Amazon account and created a marketing plan to grow the brand. Starting with Amazon PPC optimization on the existing live campaigns. Olifant team saw that many of the campaigns are using +50 keywords per ad group however, the best converting keywords we’re not getting most of the ad-spend, so the team quickly relaunched these campaigns by using fewer keywords per campaign for each ASIN on sponsored products.

Another missed opportunity was leveraging video ads for best-converting keywords on sponsored products. As soon as the team from Olifant launched these campaigns they became best-sellers with the highest ROI. 

The marketing team saw that most of the sales for the brand are coming from PPC, so the Olifant team dived deeper into keyword research & listing optimization and figured out there is a ton of room for improvement. All ASINs we’re optimized with more relevant keywords and also with better images for a higher conversion rate. 

At the same time, Olifant educated the company’s team on advertising best practices and optimization techniques in order to be on the same page with the COCOSOLIS team.

Olifant's solution

  • Account Management
  • Amazon PPC Management
  • Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Listing Optimization
  • Amazon Product Launches
  • Keyword Research

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Plamen Stefanov — CEO at COCOSOLIS

"Olifant helped us to scale faster on a profitable ROI in multiple markets."

Plamen Stefanov — CEO at COCOSOLIS

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