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About the brand

Beauty by Earth is a brand obsessed with organic ingredients and a mission to create the most effective everyday and beauty products with the cleanest ingredients found on earth.

The Problem

One of the founders in Beauty by Earth's team was managing the campaigns as the business is in the 8-figure mark and a lot of time & dedication we're needed in order to achieve the desired outcome. As the business grows more important tasks are coming up so the company needed external help with their daily Amazon PPC Management.

The Solution

With the strength of Beauty by Earth’s brand, Olifant saw that there is a huge opportunity to drive incremental sales through different targeting approaches. However, the initial campaign set up and reporting didn’t allow for that level of granularity. 

With a full campaign restructure, daily PPC optimization, and the Olifant Methodology, Olifant was able to capitalize on the existing ad account data by scaling the best-performing campaigns, while saving them hours of account management time per week.

Olifant launched a portfolio of campaigns for each ASIN that the Beauty by Earth team wanted to push. Each portfolio contained auto campaigns, sponsored products targeting keywords on exact & broad (separated campaigns), sponsored products targeting competitor ASINs + category, and video ads.

The combination of Olifant’s data-driven approach allowed Beauty by Earth to continually measure the true lift of its Amazon advertising and uncover opportunities for future growth. One of the things that the Olifant team did was to track all important metrics on a daily basis and make changes based on the data.

Beauty by Earth is a brand with +100 ASINs and in order to be able to make the best of the budget Olifant's team of analysts are pulling weekly reports to measure all products TACOS and allocate the marketing budget based on the strategy and results. That data allows the team to be more efficient and capitalize on best-performing products.

Olifant's solution

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Prudence Millsap @ Co-Founder
"Olifant is the best agency I have ever worked with."

Prudence Millsap @ Co-Founder

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