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About the brand

Rainbow Chalk started with a mission to create the most effective DIY water & chalk products, and they did. Their first product was the Liquid Chalk Marker which quickly became a market leader due to the brilliant formula and ease of use. Their knowledge and passion allowed them to expand their product portfolio and crush the competition by avoiding the extra costs of fancy packaging.

The Problem

They came to Olifant Digital with an established Amazon business in the US, but they were struggling to scale it in the UK. They have tried multiple agencies, but nothing proved to work as their revenue stayed the same. Our goal was to come up with a solution that would make their listings stand out, rank organically, and push them further ahead with PPC.

The Solution

With our custom-build system in place, we began optimizing their listings and even though they were well-written and informative, they were missing some of the highest-searched keywords and phrases. 

After analyzing the historical data and search query performance report, our team came up with a list of super relevant and highly searched keywords for which we could compete. As soon as we launched the new ad campaigns our revenue and ROI skyrocketed.

One of the strategies that we used to scale the account was to get the best-performing keywords and re-launch them using sponsored brand headline ads and video ads.

Sponsored Display is also converting super well for prospecting.

Pro tip: Target competitors that have less reviews and also sell at a higher price.

We were able to increase their overall revenue by 21% in the first 40 days of working together, with a lower 4% lower ACOS!

Olifant's solution

  • Amazon PPC Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Account Management
  • Listing Optimization

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Increase in Amazon Sales


Lower ACOS

The most impressive was the knowledge they had and then the communication using Slack. I found Olifant's team to be very polite and understanding to help me understand a new field in which I was not experienced in.

Nick Eddie — Managing Partner at Rainbow Chalk

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