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About the brand

On our initial meeting with FreshTrends, a distinguished brand in the realm of diamond piercing jewelry, we were faced with a pressing challenge.

Despite offering custom-made high-quality products, the brand faced difficulties in standing out amidst the competitive landscape on Amazon.

The market saturation and the ever-evolving algorithms made it challenging for FreshTrends to secure a prominent position, hindering their potential for profitability.

The Problem

Despite offering premium real diamond gold piercing jewelry, the conversion rates remained suboptimal, indicating a gap in communicating the unique value proposition to potential customers.

The niche market was fiercely competitive, making it crucial for FreshTrends to differentiate itself effectively.

The Solution

To address FreshTrends’ challenges and propel their brand to new heights, we began with a thorough audit and analysis of the current PPC performance, organic ranking, and pricing structure.

We were able to come in with a comprehensive approach that tackled both visibility and conversion concerns. We implemented targeted advertising campaigns to reach a laser-targeted audience.

By strategically placing ads based on customer search behavior, and “amazon-search-suggested” keywords, we aimed to capture the attention of potential buyers actively searching for FreshTrends’s products.

This allowed us to double the conversion rate and increase the profitability with 211 in the first 90 days of working together.

Olifant’s solution

  • Account Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Optimization
  • Amazon PPC Management
  • Amazon Product Launches
  • Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization

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Increase in Profitability


Increase in Amazon Sales

Paul Cowan — CEO at Freshtrends

“Olifant Digital helped us focus on profitability, remove wasted ad spend and improve our margins on Amazon and our DTC channels. Their advertising strategy has performed beyond our expectations. We can't wait to see the results in the coming year as we roll out the rest of their strategy for our brand.”

Paul Cowan — CEO at Freshtrends

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