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Marketing on Amazon

About the brand

ONSEN Secret is a Japanese brand that focuses on traditional Japanese wellness and through their products they share the secrets of natural healing through the regenerative power of a Japanese hot spring bath, transported within the confines of your home. Their nail products became the industry-leading must-haves, and for a reason.

The Problem

The founder was struggling to grow the brand on Amazon and he tried a few different marketing specialists and agencies. Unfortunately, none of them were able to get the brand to the level needed. Customers love the products and even while the conversion rate on all products was high, the growth wanted was not there.

The Solution

Initially, we audited the account first to see what is going on and we found a ton of room for improvement in just a few hours of looking into the data. Massive opportunities were left on the table in both SEO and PPC optimization and strategy.

We implemented a custom marketing strategy and overhauled every aspect of all listings from images, SEO optimization, A+ content, and PPC with the goal of crushing their competition and getting better organic ranking for the most competitive keywords.

A couple of weeks in we verified that the strategy works well based on the data and we started to scale the account both vertically (scaling winning products) and horizontally (launching in more markets).

In just 90 days of working together, we're able to increase sales on Amazon by 39% and most importantly at a better TACOS!

Olifant's solution

  • Amazon PPC Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Account Management
  • Listing Optimization

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Doron Santo — CEO at Onsen Skincare

"Systematic approach. I see them as business partners and not just an agency."

Doron Santo — CEO at Onsen Skincare

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