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Phase 1

Ad Account Audit

Our first step is to analyze your current Facebook ads setup and live campaigns:

  • Analyzing your Facebook pixel to ensure data gets collected accurately

  • Examining your campaign structure

  • Analyzing your audience overlap for all customer stages

  • Prospecting and remarketing audience analysis

  • Analyzing your ad creatives

  • Analyzing your offers

Phase 2

Marketing plan

Then, we develop a full-funnel Facebook ads plan based on your goals. To ensure its efficiency, we deal with the following:

  • Detailed competitor research

  • Buildout of your entire campaign structure

  • Creation of your best-performing audiences and creative angles to approach your ideal customers

  • Complete creation of a full-funnel Facebook ads strategy to accelerate your growth with a profitable ROI

Phase 3

We manage it wisely

Sit back and focus on your business while we manage your entire Facebook Ads account from first to last. To continually improve your ROI, we also build a testing roadmap. It’s how it works:

  • Implementation of the entire marketing plan

  • Complete team of professionals to manage your Facebook account — 2 media buyers, a dedicated account manager, a designer, and a copywriter

  • Priority to high-impact and revenue-centric campaigns (no fluff metrics here)

  • Daily tracking and optimization of your account

What makes Olifant the best Facebook ads agency you ever worked with

Ad account structure for the entire funnel

Your ads won’t just work in a silo. Our experienced team of Facebook ad specialists knows well how to understand your buyer personas and create a funnel that reflects your needs.

Process of creating audiences and testing ads that works

It's based on Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and Return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) targets. We won’t spend more than necessary to test out new audiences and ads. After working on hundreds of ad accounts, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Landing pages

A dedicated landing page for your specific offer and/or specific audience leads to a better conversion rate and higher ROI. Giving your visitors a personalized message can turn a mediocre discount offer into a money maker.

Our team is your team

Hiring, training and managing your own in-house Facebook ads marketing team is an expensive and daunting task. With our Facebook ads agency, you get immediate access to experts who have managed +$3,000,000 in ad spend.

Proven track record of growing businesses

Our approach to media buying is data-driven from a proven track record of successful campaigns. We care about all our clients, and we’ll prioritize your needs to help you grow faster when you sign up as a client, too.

Ad copy and creative

Improving your Facebook advertising performance starts by achieving a lower cost of customer acquisition. We have a team of designers & copywriters that know how to create direct-response ads that sells.

Communication that’s done your way

Weekly Scheduled Calls

We'll set an ongoing schedule to keep you in the loop and get feedback on where things are going on a weekly basis.

Email Updates

Email us anytime and we will get back to you within 24 hours in working days to make sure you have everything you need.

Reporting Dashboards

See all your KPIs for all of the acquisition channels at a glance.


We’ll create a Slack channel with you and your team so we can have faster and better communication

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