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Want to convert more from emails you send and get more customers? Olifant is here to optimize your email campaigns and automations to connect your business with your email audience. It’s time to create a strategy that works!

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How we'll get you in touch with your subscribers

1. Optimize your current emails

The first thing to do is to audit your current email campaigns and refine your email marketing experience from first to last. It’s how we do that:

  • Welcome flow

  • Optimized sending lists

  • Newsletter schedule

  • Browse abandonment flow

  • Email content

  • Customer thank you flow

2. Conquer the minds of your subscribers

When everything is settled, we challenge your email marketing to find the best way to reach your audience. To do so, we work on:

  • A/B Testings

  • Customer warm-ups

  • Organic list growing

  • Full email redesigns

  • Dedicated domains

  • Consultation and strategy sessions

  • Monthly performance reviews

  • Utilizing user insights

3. Deliver worthy messages

While you focus on your business tasks, we’ll constantly keep you in touch with your customers:

  • Authoritative sending domains

  • Promotional emails

  • Customized newsletters

  • Cart abandonment emails

  • Transactional emails

  • Customer win-back emails

  • Cross-sell and up-sell emails

Whatever you ask, we’ll deliver a proper solution

Detailed Auditing

We review all of your marketing platforms from top to bottom to make sure they are in tip-top performance. We’ll optimize everything from the customer journey to email sequences.

Flows setups

We create a series of automated email flows that combine powerful frameworks and psychological insights that yield exceptional results. These flow setups bring long-lasting, automated results.

Newsletter planings

We develop powerful newsletter strategies that hit your goals – from a loyal fanbase, unveiling new products, to simply irresistible offers that generate repeat customers.

Email consulting

We will find the most profitable keywords that will get more search traffic to your products.

Email redesigning

Have an existing campaign or sequence that you want to reuse and optimize? No problem, we can redesign, split-test, and create the highest-performing versions of your best campaigns so far.

Full email service

Reach new heights in your email marketing with a team – professional email strategists, designers, and copywriters who create high-performing frameworks at every stage of your customer journey.

Communication that’s done your way

Weekly Scheduled Calls

We'll set an ongoing schedule to keep you in the loop and get feedback on where things are going on a weekly basis.

Email Updates

Email us anytime and we will get back to you within 24 hours in working days to make sure you have everything you need.

Reporting Dashboards

See all your KPIs for all of the acquisition channels at a glance.


We’ll create a Slack channel with you and your team so we can have faster and better communication.

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