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About the brand

The mission of NoorVitamins is to combine purity and simplicity, providing natural wellness solutions and healthy lifestyles through our most complete vitamins made with natural ingredients.

The Problem

While Noor Vitamins total advertising cost of sale (TACOS) looked great, Mohamed saw that the brand’s overall growth on Amazon was declining. Noor Vitamins advertising was underinvested and undermanaged, and most of the advertising budget was spent on brand search. Additionally, Mohamed understood that in order to grow the brand on Amazon, the strategy must be oriented toward bringing in new customers.

The Solution

After coming on board with Olifant, the marketing team quickly created product-level, goal-driven advertising campaigns for Noor Vitamins products. The team saw a lot of missed opportunities on the listing optimization and that was one of the first things that the Olifant team fixed.

Olifant launched a portfolio of campaigns for each ASIN that the client wanted to push. Each portfolio contained auto campaigns, sponsored products targeting keywords on exact & broad (separated campaigns), sponsored products targeting competitor ASINs + category.

The goal of the Automatic campaigns was to find new profitable search terms that can be scaled in single keyword ad campaigns.

To help consistently improve sales velocity, the Olifant team continued optimizing ad campaigns and keywords on performance with the aim of driving incremental sales.

To help drive additional volume and sales on a profitable ACOS, Olifant created video ads for the best-selling products. The PPC team ran these videos on the best-performing keywords from sponsored products and totally nailed the results with a +100% ROAS improvement on top-of-the-funnel ads (comparing videos against sponsored products).

The combination of Olifant’s data-driven approach allowed Noor Vitamins to continually measure the true lift of its Amazon advertising and uncover opportunities for future growth.

Olifant's solution

  • Account Management
  • Amazon PPC Management
  • Listing Optimization
  • Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Keyword Research

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Mohamed Issa — CEO at Noor Vitamins
"Olifant helped us to scale our brand quickly on a profitable TACOS. The team is super dedicated to our Amazon account and they always know what is going on."

Mohamed Issa — CEO at Noor Vitamins

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