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About the brand

Kanso Designs is selling unique decoration pieces and what’s outstanding is that all the products are made from recycled plastics and agricultural byproducts such as stone, wood, wheat and coffee bean husks, and bamboo fibers.

The brand’s main mission is to express simplicity via repurposed and minimalistic designs while encouraging others to not only think about decoration but purpose and intent.

What’s up with Kanso?

One of our long-term partners Animebae decided to start another business and put his marketing management trust in us once again.

This was a great opportunity for us because we rarely get to work with businesses that haven’t had their first sale yet.

How we’ve approached it

As a marketing agency, we had to come up with a unique and inventive approach to drive conversions.

After reviewing the customer behavior and preferred locations to shop for home goods and interior products in general, we saw a huge B2B opportunity.

With people becoming more and more self-conscious about what they consume and what mark does that leave on the environment, our idea was to spread the word of the products being repurposed waste and recycled plastic. That expanded our audience even further.

We developed our campaigns with the goal to reach as many people as possible, as well as get initial feedback and improve as we progress further.

The huge amount of positive comments and shares started the flywheel and sales were coming in. In paid social, we began targeting store owners, managers, and Facebook group admins with the idea of getting the products to local gardening and home decor shops.

For our PPC ads, we targeted specific keyword combinations that people were typing when looking for gardening supplies and tools.

Before we know it, we had to shut down the ads because we sold out the initial stock.

In the meantime, we refined our strategy and started posting constantly on TikTok as the videos were getting more attention.

Big interior design Instagram profiles also started including our products in their posts. We were growing our email list with ready-to-buy leads that were just waiting for us to re-stock.
Once we got back on track, we doubled our remarketing efforts on Facebook to capitalize on the hype and traffic we were generating without organic reach and content.

Based on the questions we were getting and the behavior of our visitors, we updated our product descriptions and added a lookbook where people could see the exact plants they have, put in our pots - based on the most common household vines and flowers.

The success of the business came from the unique products and the right marketing approach that made Kanso hit its revenue goals.

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