Beauty by Earth Improved Their Total ROAS by 48% In The First 90 Days of Working Together




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About the brand

Beauty by Earth is a brand obsessed with organic ingredients and a mission to create the most effective everyday and beauty products with the cleanest ingredients found on earth.

What’s up with Beauty by Earth?

After seeing success managing their Amazon business internally, Beauty by Earth was ready to scale to a whole new level.

They sought a trustworthy partner that could update and manage their listings, as well as increase their ad spend profitably.

How we’ve approached it

With these goals in mind, we did a thorough audit and immediately noticed a few, but huge missed opportunities.

The ad account on Facebook needed more daily work. Unfortunately the previous agency we’re optimizing the ad account once a week which was far from enough based on the ad spend.
There were a few budget adjustments here and there, but no more than once a week. The campaign setup was a few CBO campaigns with a couple of “proven” audiences and the actual testing was very limited. Yet the ad spend was significant.

We spend the next days going through every single ad set in the history of the account, gathering the best performing ads and audiences.

We turned around the ad account structure and re-launched the current ads and began testing new audiences.

In about 3 weeks, we were able to find new profitable audiences which we are using to this day.
We began cross-testing proven ads with new audiences and proven audiences with new ad creatives.

To help Beauty by Earth to drive incremental scale further, we had to double our efforts and bring in the heavy artillery creative-wise.

To do that, we developed a brand new approach that leverages our in-house media buying department, made to diversify and explore every single available opportunity. This, combined with our prior experience in the niche allowed us to craft new ad angles and funnels that will make the brand distinctive and prove our concept.

By doing this, we are able to consistently test and scale with a higher ROI.
In just 90 days, we were able to improve their total ROAS by 52%, turning a profit on their TOF ads for the first time since the beginning of 2021.

On our Google Ads audit we found that the picture was similar, not enough activity, and the ad account structure was not optimal.

We did relaunch all of the best-performing products with search ads, image extensions, and shopping ads.

In under 3 weeks, we were able to double our Google ads ROI and drop our CPA significantly.
That allowed us to double the budget and generate a much higher volume of sales with Google Ads.

With higher budgets, we had to make sure there is no bot traffic “eating” our budget.
We installed and configured Clickcease, saving the brand thousands of dollars every single month by preventing bot traffic and fake clicks.

We’ve compiled the numbers in a well-structured environment and the data-driven approach ensures flawless daily campaign management with no room for guess-work.

Olifant’s solution

  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Google Ads Management
  • Ad Creative
  • Conversion Copywriting

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Ryan Greve, Co-Founder

"Olifant helped us to increase our AD ROI and profitability on both Facebook and Google ads in the first month of working together."

Ryan Greve, Co-Founder

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