Animebae: 426% Growth By Driving Customer Acquisition From Paid Social & Capturing It via SMS and Email




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About the brand

Animebae is a streetwear clothing brand that’s inspired by some of the iconic anime series in the world. The brand added its own unique twist with original artwork.

What’s up with Animebae?

Animebae’s internal team was running Facebook ads and had some success. Unfortunately, they couldn’t scale past $20,000/month. They tried using different ads, audiences, and even influencers.

Figuring out how to grow with paid advertising is a tough game and requires a lot of skills and experience. The brand owners realized they could do a better job with email & SMS marketing as well.

The primary issue was is lack of ad creatives, the process of testing new ads, and audiences. They also didn’t have SMS & E-mail marketing strategy in place.

How we’ve approached it

First, we began by crafting an ideal buyer persona for Animebae. The next step was ad creatives.
We created a detailed guideline about the ad creatives that we need to be successful with Facebook ads.

As soon as we launched the first ad creatives, we started working on the ad account. In the meantime, we’ve set up SMS and E-mail marketing flows.

After making the initial tests, we discovered a few audiences that were working extremely well, so our next step was to go aggressive.

In less than 7 months we hit their goal and the gross growth was 426%.

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