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Growing a brand on Amazon requires a full-funnel customer acquisition strategy and long-term thinking. You don’t need a new Amazon PPC agency. You need a partner with a proven track record of growing brands profitably.

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Our partnership equips you with the critical technology and customer acquisition infrastructure to grow your brand on Amazon. Guaranteed results or your money back.

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What Are My Options?


The hands-off approach for Amazon sellers currently generating over $40k/month

  • Our team will implement our growth marketing framework to scale your brand on Amazon.

  • Our team will optimize all of your listings, manage and optimize your ads, increase your conversion rates to maximize your ROAS!

  • Our team will provide you and your team with the most up to date recommendations and highest level strategies to ensure the highest ROAS possible!


The hands-on approach for Amazon sellers looking to generate over $40k/month

  • Receive our proven step-by-step framework to creating and scaling a brand on Amazon in 2023

  • Meet and collaborate with other business owners who are all focused on creating or scaling a brand on Amazon.

  • Receive personalized coaching each week so that you can get help during our LIVE weekly trainings, and Q&A calls.

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Spade To Fork

19% ACOS Reduction

Beauty by Earth

5 Successful New Amazon Product Launches

Simply Gum

13% Lower ACOS

Noor Vitamins

16 Lower ACOS


282% Website Revenue Growth


7% Lower ACOS

Archies Footwear

277% Return on Investments

Wedge Guys

11% Lower ACOS

Onsen Secret

14% Lower ACOS

Growing A Brand Оn Amazon
Is Not Easy

This is why we built an end-to-end customer acquisition process, to deliver results. 

“How long does the marketing plan take?”

Several days. Our team will dive deeper into your brand and show you the missed opportunities.

“What do you need from me?”

Any and all data you’re willing to share. This helps us give you stronger recommendations backed by data and facts.

“Does the marketing plan cost anything?”

Nothing at all. Also know as zip, zero, zilch, nada, nil, nought, diddly-squat, free, and the square root of nothing.

Phase 1

Ad Account Audit

Our first step is to analyze your current Facebook ads setup and live campaigns:

  • Analyzing your Facebook pixel to ensure data gets collected accurately

  • Examining your campaign structure

  • Analyzing your audience overlap for all customer stages

  • Prospecting and remarketing audience analysis

  • Analyzing your ad creatives

  • Analyzing your offers

Phase 2

Ad Account Audit

Firstly, we analyze your Google ad setup to uncover your missed opportunities. To do so, we work on that

  • Verifying your tracking to make sure the data is accurate

  • Analyzing your campaign structure

  • Finding your best bid optimization opportunities

  • Optimizing your account by day, hour, country, or state

  • Auditing negative keywords to avoid wasting ad spend

  • Checking your split tests and what outcomes they created

  • Remarketing lists for your search ads

  • Approaching your customer stages analysis creatively

Phase 3

Amazon Marketing Plan

Based on our learnings from the previous step, we will create a customized marketing plan for your brand. To do so, we work on:

  • Custom Amazon PPC strategy based on ASIN

  • Listing optimization for better organic ranking

  • Conversion rate optimization plan and execution

  • Full-funnel Amazon growth strategy with a clear timeline on deliverables

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Weekly Scheduled Calls

We'll set an ongoing schedule to keep you in the loop and get feedback on where things are going on a weekly basis.


We’ll create a Slack channel with you and your team so we can have faster and better communication.

Сlient stories

Prudence Millsap @ Co-Founder Beauty by Earth

Olifant is the best agency I have ever worked with.

Prudence Millsap @ Co-Founder

Jeff Kathrein Spade To Fork

"Olifant works extremely closely in our account and I am impressed with their support and know-how. I feel that our brand is in safe hands."

Jeff Kathrein, CEO & Co-Founder

Plamen Stefanov COCOSOLIS

"Olifant Digital is like an internal marketing team for us, not an outsourced company. They really do care about our brand & growth."

Plamen Stefanov, CEO & Founder

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