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About the brand

The founder, Caron Proschan, started Simply gum in 2014 after she discovered that regular chewing gum was made of a synthetic plastic base and filled with artificial ingredients. She started making batches of gum in her NYC apartment and sold the first Simply Gum products in local stores throughout Manhattan.

The Problem

When she started out using Amazon advertising, Caron was managing the advertising herself and she relied a lot on sponsored products and auto campaigns. The results were mixed. While she did manage to hold ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) down to a respectable %, the ad account was missing a structured PPC strategy to scale the profitable ad campaigns.

The Solution

With the strength of Simply Gum’s brand, Olifant saw that there is a huge opportunity to drive incremental sales through different targeting approaches. However, the first step was to optimize the existing ad campaigns so that way the brand can keep high sales velocity and improve ROI quickly. 

The next step that the Olifant team took was to do a full campaign restructure, apply daily bidding adjustments, and the Olifant methodology for growing Amazon brands. Olifant was able to achieve higher efficiency and growth targets while saving the client hours of account management time per week. 

One of the advanced PPC strategies that we used to scale our ad spend profitably was to pick the best-selling products and do a deep dive analysis on competitors and gather a list of their ASINs. Olifant team targeted all competitors that were selling more expensive products or had fewer reviews (ideally both). 

The combination of Olifant’s data-driven approach allowed Simply Gum to continually measure the true lift of its Amazon advertising and uncover opportunities for future growth. One of the things that the Olifant team did was to track all important metrics on a daily basis and make changes based on the data.

Olifant's solution

  • Account Management
  • Amazon PPC Management
  • Listing Optimization
  • Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Amazon Product Launches
  • Keyword Research

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Caron Proschan — CEO at Simply Gum

"Olifant team is a very organized and proactive marketing company. Their response time is extremely quick and their commitment to our brand is unmatched."

Caron Proschan — CEO at Simply Gum

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