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About the brand

Her Pony is a clothing label that creates limited edition vintage clothing, t-shirts & festival fashion.

What’s up with Her Pony?

Her Pony came to Olifant Digital looking to grow and scale their brand after managing their campaigns internally.

How we’ve approached it

After a thorough marketing audit, we noticed the ad account needed a makeover. The ads and audiences were thrown all over the place.

Their remarketing ad spend was 3% of their entire budget and the top of the funnel audiences
wasn't relevant.

We developed a strategy and 60-day roadmap and began executing right away. Our first goal was to find the right audience.

They had some data to work with and our first touchpoint was lookalikes. After finding a couple of audiences we can lay our foundation on, we moved to creative.

Our team crafted the ad copies and visuals and the traffic increased multiple times over a week.
We also launched a new product line for their existing customers by utilizing the dynamic segments in Klaviyo. Excluding their most-recent customers allowed us to engage and warm up the existing buyers.

We took it a step further, syncing email and Facebook marketing, and started testing the dynamic audiences.

We found out that most of their email users are checking out their new collection launches and that allowed us to keep the potential customers engaged in a ready-to-buy state as soon as they release a new product line.

Olifant’s solution

  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Google Ads Management
  • Ad Creative

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Lauren Stein

"It's rare to find an outside team that can be as proactive as your internal team. Our work with Olifant Digital is wonderful and I am amazed how quickly ideas are turn into reality."

Lauren Stein

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